The Data Analyst III is responsible for ensuring accurate property record mapping data is being maintained and that master records are accurate and complete. The overall process from receiving data through final reporting will require data analysis, mapping the data from integrated systems to our master records, online research, updating and completing property attributes, reporting and monitoring at various stages within the process. In addition to completing record mappings and certifying the accuracy of master record, this person will work with the Team Leaders to develop and improve mapping and research processes and measure the performance of team members to ensure that output is accurate and timely. Also requires Quality Assurance testing through the application user interface.

Primary Responsibilities

• Measuring and Reporting on the performance of research team members as well as the overall performance of the team.
• Collaborating with team leaders to improve research, mapping, and certification processes.
• Reconciling property records to map instances to master records.
• Research, including internet use, to validate master property records and their addresses.
• Research, including internet use, to update and complete master property attributes.
• Performing data matching based on common fields between disparate data sources
• Assisting in the development and testing of enhancements to the Research Application.
• Assist in quality assurance testing of data that was loaded into the system.


• Analytical track record
• Proficiency in VBA and SQL, 2+ years
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy
• Experience researching, analyzing, importing, exporting and reporting on relational data required
• Flexible to work overtime as required
• Able to sit or stand for frequent periods in the same location with some opportunity to move about

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